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We are HDB and MOM approved Metal Scaffold Supplier

Although UNISCAFFOLD is a young business establishment, we are proud and satisfied with all our achievements and records in past few years. Under the driver ship of good management and sophisticated specialists, UNISCAFFOLD is developing very fast with good reputation.

For years, Singapore’s construction industries have been trying to find the best engineering and supplier of Scaffold. Now almost all of these industries realize the best service provided by UNISCAFFOLD. UNISCAFFOLD has spent nearly a decade developing know-how to calculate the minimum quantity per requirement while ensuring the right management and cost effective.

We will maintain this continuing progress by endlessly striving to improve and achieve new standards of performance derived from effective sourcing of better manpower resources, marketing expertise and the implementation of sophisticated application and construction technologies. Besides having up-to-date knowledge of leading international scaffolding companies’ specification, technical collaboration with MOM is another way to demonstrate our commitment to technical excellent. Its enables us to complete some of the most complicated and demanding projects.

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